My Weekend in Pictures

This past week was a goldmine, photographically speaking. We spent one day in downtown Portland, where I was gathering material for a project I have in mind (to be announced at a later date). I love downtown Portland. The architecture in the city is wonderful, and then there’s the waterfront with its boats and bridges and upscale eateries. My problem is that I tend to look up constantly when I’m there, which leads to my running into people and things and tripping over cracks in the sidewalk while taking photographs. Those who know me would say this is typical of me, but I’m better when I don’t have a camera in my hand. The thing about Portland is that the buildings lead to fabulous skies, and I find it difficult to not look for opportunities near the sky when I’m there. . .

Our other trip was to the coast, with a side trip to Drift Creek Falls. It’s a nice place to stop, with an old reconstructed covered bridge along the way, but it was something of a disappointment to us, having been several times to Silver Falls (TONS of waterfalls, and beautiful ones at that!). It was a 3-mile hike round trip, but I also decided to go off-path and practically tumbled down a steep embankment to get to a creek I had spotted. I like playing the part of an intrepid photographer, doing anything to get the shot ;-).  The photographs were worth it, although my practicing with using shutter priority has had mixed results. While photographing the creek, I wrenched my back when I underestimated how slippery the (seemingly dry) rocks were and ended up doing some serious (i.e., painful) splits to keep from sliding into the creek and potentially going over the falls. Another photographer on the path was laughing about that possibility, noting that my partner — who had been looking for me — would have found me easier if I had suddenly appeared at the top of the falls, and then at the bottom. Not funny, actually. . .


We then went to the tidal pools in Newport, which is much cheaper than the aquarium (where we REALLY wanted to go), with the Yaquina Head Lighthouse thrown in for good measure. VERY nice location, even though the tidal pools were largely vacant. The good news about scarce photographic opportunities is that you start experimenting, which I did. I have a very nice photo of a piece of seaweed floating in water, which is pretty cool when combined with a slow shutter speed. It looks like a green blob floating in crystals (I call it abstract). The best part of this location is that it is also a refuge for sea birds and seals, and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing those. The photographs I like the most from the trip are of the animals doing funny things (not intentionally, of course — they have no sense of humor).

We had a couple of great days, but as always, the proof is in the pudding (or the pictures, to paraphrase). For more shots, go to my website at

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Hello from Oregon!

Okay, this is my first blog, which will probably be evident. Just wanted to let you in on my Oregon experience to date, and to link to my Amazing Oregon slideshow on YouTube. First of all, I’ve never lived anywhere near the west coast before, and I guess it’s been something of an adjustment. The prices are definitely higher here — housing, food, utilities, etc. Not as bad as California, I hear, but definitely higher than the Midwest . . . What I have discovered, living near Portland, is that there are some differences in the culture. I have seen a lot more beards here, and bicycles, and goth. What WAS refreshing was finding that the graffiti in the bathrooms is a lot more philosophical. Nowhere in the stall did I see “For a good time, call . . .” That is indicative of the live-and-let-live attitude I’ve found here.

On a broader scale, though, the beauty here is indescribable, and for a serious amateur photographer it’s nirvana. My partner and I have been taking at least one trip a week to explore our surroundings, and we end up coming home with full memory cards (well, until I got my 32 GB card, anyway). And it’s like Christmas when we’re on our computers looking at the photos we took. He’s been here for years, but we’re discovering Oregon together, and it’s been a fabulous experience so far. . .

In future posts, I plan to include some of my ‘discoveries,’ along with stories about our trips to get them. In the meantime, here’s the link to my slideshow on YouTube: