Autumn in Oregon

Although I said I was going to talk about Eagle Creek and Astoria in this blog, I decided I wanted to focus on the autumn scenery I’ve been following. Although it’s nearly the middle of November in Oregon, the leaves continue to turn, and the scenery is still fabulous!

I took a solo trip down Hwy 26 because I had seen some really great scenery on the way back from Astoria.

Just off Hwy 26, in the woods
At a rest stop off Hwy 26
Red boat sitting on a side road off Hwy 26
Needless to say, Silver Falls is gorgeous this time of year. . .
Turning leaves at Silver Falls, by South Falls
Fallen Leaf — symbolic of autumn to me

Other trips were just as inspiring, such as our trip to the coast. . .

Hillside vineyard near Dundee

My solo trip down Hwy 99W — just took side roads for the sights. . .

River View — just liked it

Short trip down 99W to Newberg yielded the following hillside view from Bald Peak State Park:

Lesson in Topography

Our trip to St. John’s Bridge was fruitful — gorgeous bridge, turning leaves, hills. . .

Autumn at St. John’s Bridge
Arches (under the bridge)

Autumn is a great time in Oregon, as you can see. Don’t limit yourself to visiting only in summer! For more photos, go to Until next time. . .