On Hiatus

Okay, I haven’t found time to do a even a small blog, so I’ll be doing one next Wednesday (or Thursday, since I’ll be in Montreal by then). Sorry, for those of you waiting with bated breath for my next one. . . Have a great week!

Back In Kentucky

I’m back in Kentucky with my family and friends for the month. It’s odd how foreign it feels here after only 4 months in Florida (I couldn’t remember the freeway system on my way up from Elizabethtown). I’m definitely a gypsy while I’m here, with no home to go to and relying on the hospitality of my family for a roof over my head. Needless to say, I miss my home, which is securely parked in Florida behind a gate.

I wanted to talk about my visit with my family in Florida, and a second trip to Sawgrass Lake Park, which was very, very interesting. I took my sisters there to see alligators (which we did), and my friend came along to take photos, having not been there for quite some time. Unfortunately, the pictures I took are in my RV in Florida, so I’ll have to revisit that trip after I get back in July.

My sister drove back with me, and we have a fairly uneventful trip. Our only problem was with the hotel room we got in Georgia. We had planned to stop for the night at a place with a pool, and have a beer and relax — hopefully in the pool. Unfortunately, our room was next to the office, and we ended up sitting on the stoop outside our room having our beers. The worst part was when we tried to go to sleep later that evening. There were people pulling in to register, and lots of loud talking outside our door, so I tried to turn on the radio (couldn’t find a station), thought about turning on the TV just for the noise, but then decided to turn on the fan. That worked, and we finally got to sleep (it had been a long day, with 9 hours of driving).

The next morning, we got up and went to have breakfast (waffles were included!) before heading out. The coffee was not good (weak), and my flipflops kept sticking to the floor — not a good sign in terms of cleanliness. Still, the waffles were good, once we figured out how to work the waffle iron, and we just stopped at McDonald’s on our way out to get decent coffee.

Approximately 5 hours later, we were in Elizabethtown, and I had no cell phone access, but unlimited internet access — yay! I stayed with my sister in E-town for two nights, where we finished a 500-word jigsaw puzzle, and then drove up to Louisville to my other sister’s apartment, where I am now.

My time here will be spent with family — my granddaughter’s dance recital next weekend in Ohio, our annual 4th of July family reunion — and with friends, including a trip to Montreal in the middle of June. I am looking forward to all of this, particularly seeing my sons and their families. It’ll be a busy month, but I’ll have an even busier month when I get back to Florida. In July and August, I’ll be a volunteer at Ft. De Soto County Park in Florida, so I’ll enjoy the rest while I’m here.

That’s it for now. Have a great week, all!