In Search of New Directions

I’ve been working on a few things, which I’ll talk about, but mostly I’ve been trying to figure out what I want/need to do at this point. Despite still enjoying myself immensely, I realize that I need to do more in terms of generating an income. Unfortunately, I have developed an aversion to working for someone else, and my creativity is screaming for an outlet (not literally, of course. . . I’m not hearing voices — yet). So my internet research has been ramped up in my quest for the next big thing in my life.

The New Addiction

I’m exploring my options, and having a darned good time doing it, but I have a confession to make first: I’ve become a Pinterest addict! The major problem with that addiction is that it takes hours out of my day that I could be doing something more productive [?]. I’m looking into making my own cleaning and beauty supplies, new ways of creating artwork, new recipes to try, and things to do to make my RV more liveable — none of which can be used immediately to generate an income.

Pinterest Email
My newest addiction!

My rationalization is that I’m working toward an epiphany (can you actually ‘work toward’ that, or is it something that just hits you like a lightening bolt?). At the very least, I’ll end up with new blog topics. . .





A Direction Without Chemicals, the DIY way

My first foray into the world of DIY stuff was body wash. It’s what I was getting low on, and I wanted to try out something that might make a visible difference in me. I couldn’t find a recipe for body wash that contained what I had, so I winged it (first mistake). I had heard about putting Ivory soap in a microwave and watching it blow up, so I stuck a couple of bars in the microwave on a paper towel (in lieu of grating them). They didn’t blow up, but they did do some very interesting lava-like things, and I was then able to put them into water to start my body wash.

I had a recipe for basic body wash, but I decided to jazz it up a bit, like adding different types of oils (coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, Vitamin E oil, etc.), and of course some essential oils (lavender, tea tree).¬† There was a reason for adding everything (better lather, more moisturizing capabilities, antibacterial properties), but I think my ratios were off, because I ended up with what I would term a ‘snotty mess.’ Definitely not something you want to put on your body! So I began trying to fix the mess, which involved adding copious amounts of water.

A snotty mess. . .
A snotty mess. . .

Now, I should mention here that I ended up with a gallon and a half of body wash initially. I gave my neighbor the half gallon to try, with a request that she share her impressions with me after she used the body wash. Two days later, she told me that she had tried the body wash the night before, with less than desirable results. First of all, she told me, the body wash wouldn’t come out of the bottle. Major problem, to my mind. She described squeezing the bottle to put some on her shower puff, only to have it retreat back into the bottle¬† when she stopped squeezing it. And, she added, it didn’t lather — at all! So I asked her whether she liked the scent, at least, to which she replied, “not so much.” And the ‘snottiness’ had grossed out her husband.

Back to the drawing board. . . I took my gallon of body wash and made a gallon and a half by adding water. This resulting in it being so thin it just slid off my hands in the shower, and there was no evidence of soap in the mixture at all! Okay, so I added glycerin, which I’ve heard both gives the body wash actual body, and contributes to lather (which it completely lacks). Still no go, and I’m now using my shampoo for washing everything in the shower! It would have been better just to buy body wash, even with chemicals. . .

So my next foray will be into making my own body wash using lye, from scratch! Maybe I’ll be able to turn this new direction into revenue at some point. I suspect I need to make the acquaintance of a chemist, to help me with the formulation of my concoctions; at the very least, I need to research the properties of the various oils and other ingredients so I can create something better than what’s out there. Something that actually lathers (without using harmful chemicals) would be nice, for example. New learning experience — yippee!

The best thing I found in my research, though, was something called Detox Deodorant, and it is great! Here’s the link to the recipe — and I highly recommend it: It passed the sniff test even after a day, and you’ll notice if you take in too many toxins that it really does detoxify (not so nice after overindulging one night, I noticed. . .).

Detoxifying deodorant
Detoxifying deodorant looks worse than it is

The biggest problem with it — particularly in Florida — is that it is made from coconut oil, which provides its thickness, and when it gets over 75 degrees or so, it becomes a liquid. So I actually have to pay attention to the temperature after my shower to keep from spilling my deodorant — how many people can say that? It got high marks from my neighbor, by the way.

In addition to the detox deo, I’ve also started trying things to get my mouth in shape. Besides the brushing and flossing, I’ve added oil pulling, a practice begun in India. It’s apparently experiencing a resurgence in popularity (since I discovered it I see blogs about it everywhere) and I have to say, with no dental insurance in sight, it’s something I can afford to do that gets high marks among adherents. I can’t honestly say I’ve noticed the ‘incredible’ results others have, but my teeth do look whiter, and my mouth feels cleaner (except when I have a spoonful of coconut oil in it). . . I guess it can’t hurt.

The other ‘product’ I’ve started using is a remineralizing mouthwash, which has calcium and trace minerals in it. This is a recent addition to my routine, so I can’t really comment on its effectiveness. I use it after the oil pulling, and it does help to get the coconut slime out of my mouth after oil pulling. This sounds a lot grosser than it really is, and no, I haven’t stopped shaving or anything (for those of you who think I’ve gone completely au naturel). If anyone would like to try out the remineralizing mouthwash, I found it on Pinterest, but here is the actual URL for it:

Remineralizing mouthwash
Remineralizing mouthwash — hope it works!

Lots Going On

Lately, I’ve had a ridiculous amount of things going on in my life, so I haven’t felt I could take the time to blog (a friend’s website to build, a fuel pump to get replaced, an RV to wash, a book to write). With my list of to-dos dwindling, I hope to get back to blogging soon — there’s so much to write about!

To my friends and family in the north, stay safe and warm! And feel free to get away from it all by coming to visit — you’re always welcome, you know.

The featured picture is a local band I saw down the street from my RV.