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Branching Out

This week has been a difficult time for me. I ride my bike around the park every day, and every day I notice a new empty space. The snowbirds are nearly gone, and the transients (like me) are moving in. It brings a totally different feel to the place — not nearly as homey — and I’m looking forward to moving to my next spot. I just made my reservation yesterday for a place in Pinellas Park (near St. Pete) for the month of May, and I’m already looking into local things to do there. It’s close to Sawgrass Lake Park and Weedon Island Preserve, the latter of which is on Tampa Bay.

In the midst of the (blog) week, Easter was very nice this year, spent with my friends in Largo. Great food, and great company, followed by What About Bob?, which I think I had seen but didn’t remember seeing. I love Bill Murray, so any movie he’s in is good in my book! We also celebrated a friend’s birthday, and had a fabulous cake called Strawberry Sensation – awesome treat! I came home with quite a bit of ham, so I’m trying to figure out now what to do with it    . . . Grilled ham and cheese, anyone?

Birthday Cake
Beautiful cake!
Sponge Bob
Guest at the party
Party Kids
Celebratory group

My friend loaned me her keyboard, so I’ve been trying to get back my piano skills. I haven’t played in quite some time, and I left my keyboard at home, so I’m happy to have something to play again. I also got out my guitar lesson books/DVDs and started learning to play the guitar again. My living room is now filled with instruments and music – scattered everywhere! On a side note, it occurred to me that my favorite pieces for the piano have to do with the moon: Debussy’s Clair de Lune, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and Mancini’s Moon River. Coincidence? I think not. . . I have determined I must have been a moon goddess in another incarnation (could explain the spaciness, huh?)

A better use of my sofa

I also drove to Hammock Park, a local park in Dunedin (without a single hammock in it!). I had previously ridden my bike there and I wanted to get pictures. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as inspired as I was the first time I visited the park (ain’t it always the way!), and the pictures show it. Still, I found quite a few orange trees again, and after shaking down a few (literally), I got my prize:

The freshest orange ever!

It looks so pretty sitting on my table that I can’t bring myself to eat it. Here are the rest of the pics from that visit, along with an explanation of what the park actually is, for those of you who like to be educated. It’s quite a diverse park, and I highly recommend it!

Gathering Place
Gathering place in the park
Wetlands area
Walkway at Hammock Park
Walkway through the park
Water Feature
Another wetlands area amidst the trees

From Wikipedia: “Hammock is a term used in the southeastern United States for stands of trees, usually hardwood, that form an ecological island in a contrasting ecosystem. Hammocks grow on elevated areas, often just a few inches high, surrounded by wetlands that are too wet to support them.”

That’s it for now. . . I have a project I’m working on in the RV, but more on that later!


6 thoughts on “Branching Out”

      1. Sherry, this would all be boring as all without our ADD. Great time on Sunday and this Saturday is the big concert at Coachman Park to shoot. We will be there the entire day. Eddie Money doesn’t take the stage til 8 pm but Orleans and some other big bands will be on before him.
        Wear Sunscreen.

  1. so glad your keeping your music in your life it’s a good outlet for creativity..Nice pics as usual,,,Pinellas Park sounds great! you look so happy,,:) (thats a good thing )

    1. Thanks, Bill! I had an idea for a song yesterday, but I didn’t get very far with it. . . Maybe today! Anyway, onward and upward. I am basically a happy person these days, and I hope to maintain that. Hope you’re well. . .

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