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Dog Days of Summer

Well, I have about as much energy as a slug right now. It was my first day off this week, and I’ve spent it in my RV working on my jigsaw puzzle.

What a bear this has been!







It’s a really difficult puzzle, but I’m making good progress on it. Once it’s done, I won’t allow myself to start another one until winter (or maybe in October . . .). It takes up a lot of my time that would be better spent doing something more productive. Beats the heck out of video games, though!

New Companions

Here are my new kids, Bert and Chloe, which I picked up at, of all places, the flea market! From the looks of my sofa, over which their cage hangs, they already feel right at home. I put them there so they could look out the window and at least feel like they were outside. Bert’s been singing a lot, while Chloe just talks to herself (a bird after my own heart). They still get agitated when I approach their cage, but I expect them to get more comfortable with me as time passes.

Chloe and Bert


Continuing Ant Wars

As predicted, the ants are back. I am so sick of ants! This time, they are attacking from the rear primarily, although I’m not sure why (no food in my bedroom, which is in the rear of the RV). I tried spraying ant killer back there, but then realized that I could end up poisoning my birds, so I’m trying to come up with another solution. There are no ant trails, so I have no idea where the problem area is.

The last straw came yesterday, when I finished my shift and came back home, stripped off my clothes (which are always filthy!), and laid down on my bed for a quick nap before my shower. I woke up half an hour later to find an ant walking across my bare butt! (For those of you for whom this is TMI — sorry!) (For those of you with prurient interests, get your minds out of the gutter!). I’m now freaked out and I’ve decided to get some sort of perimeter defense to put around the outside of my RV. Suggestions would be welcome!

It’s Official!

Tomorrow, I will be going to get my Florida driver’s license and registration for my car. So I guess I am officially a Florida resident. Now I guess I’ll have to get a job next. I told the rangers I won’t be able to come back to work here by myself, for the reasons I mentioned in my last post. They didn’t realize I was taking the same number of sites to clean as the couples here, and it’s really just too much work for one person in this heat. On the other hand, my work here is making it possible for me to stay in Dunedin — the high-rent district — for the winter. And if I can work at Amazon for 5 weeks I feel like I can do anything for a period of time.

I have been weighing my options for a job, though. I have thought about becoming a park ranger, given my love of the outdoors, but it sounds like a very competitive process here. The test is only given every six months or so, and I’m not sure how many people are hired per test. But the work is varied, which I prefer, and it’s a career field I think I would enjoy. I’m sure a master’s degree might be overkill for the job, but the couple I work with and I were laughing about the fact that we have master’s degrees and we’re picking up trash. What a bargain for the park, because we definitely do a master’s-level job of it!

Here’s a few pics I’ve taken this week, for your enjoyment.

Even Better Sunset
An even better sunset, I think
Night heron drying itself at the dump station
A scene that appealed to me




























The last shot is a rose that was left on a picnic table at a site I cleaned, and I hoped it was from an appreciative guest. Have a good week, all . . .


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