Life Goes On

Not sure what to write about this week, except that it has been relatively uneventful. Well, my water heater is on the blink, but that’s another story. . . I’ve been taking more pictures, which makes me happy, but I still can’t manage to get them processed and posted. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough bandwidth to upload them to my website because I only have 8 G a month and have to be careful how much data I use. I’m thinking of going to the office tomorrow with my laptop to see whether I can connect to the crappy WIFI in this park to upload some pics. If I can manage that, I’ll have a new Florida folder on my photography website.

Now I wanted to show some changes I’ve made to the RV to make it more to my taste. As I wrote about before, I swapped out the faucets in my bathroom and shower. I don’t really like my bathroom faucet after all, but I’ll keep it for a year or so to get my money’s worth. The shower faucet and sprayer, on the other hand, are the bomb! The sprayer is a massage sprayer, and it has a switch to turn it on and off for conserving water, which is something I have been unable to do to date. . . Here are the pics of my bathroom improvements (not exciting stuff, I know, but necessary!):

New bathroom faucet — not the best, but it’ll do
Liquid dispenser — up and out of the way
My massage sprayer to help me save water

My next improvement was to remove the armchair in the RV and replace it with a computer desk (to get the computer off my dinette table). I’m really liking the change, although the chair is still sitting on my patio (I just need to set it out for the maintenance guys when it’s not supposed to rain). . . I use this computer to do my photo processing, so I hope this new setup will spur me to process and post my photos more promptly!

Really liking this setup, except for the bolts in the floor in front

So. . . changes are happening all over. My friend in Portland is, apparently, no longer my friend, so I’ve had a rough couple of days. I’ve lost one support person, but it’s probably for the best, so onward and upward. . . I’m getting better at not letting things get me too down these days. Life is, after all, way too short! Here’s something a friend shared on Facebook that I shared, as well:

Words to live by, I think — thanks, George Takei! And here are some shots from the Dunedin Causeway, where I went again to clear my head:

Another sunset at the Dunedin Causeway
I LOVE plovers!

And you can’t beat this for really great cloud cover:

Really great cloud cover

Needless to say, views like these are among the various reasons I’m doing this. I’ll be waiting in line on Friday to get a spot in the Ft. DeSoto County Park, which is right on the water! I don’t have to leave my current park until Saturday, but I’d like to get as much time in Ft. DeSoto as possible, so I’ll probably leave Friday night. In the meantime, there’s a rumor that roseate spoonbills were sighted in the park. Don’t hold your breath, but I’m hoping to capture one (with my camera, of course). Until next time!

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