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I’ve done a bit more ‘getting out’ this week, including going to the Florida Botanical Gardens and Heritage Village in Largo, and then shooting with a friend in Ybor City and Tampa. I’m still not on a schedule that I like, but I’m working on it . . .

The Florida Botanical Gardens was a step up from Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, and it was free, as was the Heritage Village. The layout was more interesting at the Botanical Gardens, and there was more to see (minus the birds). It was just a nicer place to walk around, and also has the bonus of being right next to Heritage Village.

Some of my pics from the Botanical Gardens:

I loved this view!


Weeping Bottlebrush — delicate

Water Lilies

Can’t believe these grow here wild. . . Bird of Paradise

Banana Flower?

Passion Flower

And more from the Heritage Village:

Old Florida

Room with a View

Dunno — just liked it. . .

Next was St. Patrick’s Day, and I got together with friends for that — fabulous meal, Irish Coffee at Cricketers in Dunedin, then back for an equally fabulous dessert!

My St. Paddy’s Day Garb


Authentic, right down to the colcannon and soda bread!

Almost too pretty to eat!

I’ll cover the Tampa/Ybor City shoot in the next blog, along with my first ride on my new bike! And please feel free to let me know what you’d like to see in this blog. . .

One thought on “More Out and About”

  1. We have to plan Stumps Pass. Once it’s warmer. Sharks teeth capitol of Florida. Not many know of it.
    April is best….and it features Driftwood Beach..truly beautiful to shoot.

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