Moving Day — and Race Day!

My new site (and a clean RV)
Yesterday was moving day, and it went very well – no curbs hit, no cabinets flying open, no cars trying to keep me from switching lanes – and I absolutely love my new spot. I’m now in Dunedin, and I’m very happy about that. I pulled in yesterday, and not only did someone immediately offer to help me back in, but I then had a welcoming committee come down the street to introduce themselves and welcome me to the street. I quickly got settled in (hook-ups hooked up, awning out, coffee pot plugged in). The only mishap on this trip was I lost one of my fan covers. It apparently flew off when I was driving down US 19, and I didn’t notice until I went to turn my fan on and saw blue sky – argh! I had washed the RV yesterday (vast improvement after 5 hours!), and forgot to latch the covers back . . . I have no idea how much that’ll cost me to replace, but I had already determined, as I was washing them, that I would replace them all rather than wash them again. My major concern was for the person who saw my fan cover flying at them on the highway. . .
After getting settled in, I went to take a bike ride to the Dunedin Causeway. I’m still fairly new at this cycling thing, so I often look like a 2nd grader just learning to ride a bike, particularly when I have to pass people on the trail. I ended up playing chicken with a 225-pound muscle-bound guy on a bike going the opposite direction when I forgot the protocol (pass on the right!). He definitely could have flattened me like a pancake, and I’m sure he had a few choice words for me after he passed. Other than that, the ride was beautiful: lots of sightings of herons, egrets and osprey, and a fabulous view of the gulf on both sides. Here’s a picture of my new bike (I can’t take my camera with me on my rides because I don’t trust myself not to fall over and damage it):
What I really wanted to talk about was my first auto race – the St. Petersburg Grand Prix! Actually, I only went to see the practice runs, but it was such a vibrant atmosphere there – the energy was amazing! On the practice day of the race, visitors can actually go back to the bays where they’re working on the cars, so I got a lot of photos of the cars close-up – Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Audis, oh my!
That it does. . .
Taking an Indy for a spin
Red Ferrari!
Hard at work, or maybe taking a break
Not much to the Indy cars. . .
One of several Mustangs
Just so there’s no question. . .
The practice runs were just that, as the drivers pushed the limits of their vehicles to see how far they could go before breaking for the turn and how fast they could go around the curves. I was paying close attention, since I’d like nothing better than to drive a race car! I’m thinking about paying a visit to the local go kart facility in the near future. . . 
Indy Cars
I want one!
Overshot the mark
This one has it
Not bad. . .
The object is to get as close to the curve as possible
Better. . .
This one had flames coming out of the tailpipe as he braked

The Indy cars sounded like a huge bunch of mosquitoes, with their Mazda engines. But then the big boys came out. . . The roar was thrilling!

Pirelli Race lineup, with Tampa Bay in the background

Cadillac’s newest entry

Caddy again
Caddy taking the curve well

Loved to watch them attempt to pass each other
Mustang on the move

The day was overcast, but it didn’t rain, so I just enjoyed watching the runs, had a great Bloody Mary, and then we went to dinner on the waterfront in St. Pete — lobster mac and cheese! Great day, but just another great day in a long string of ’em!

6 thoughts on “Moving Day — and Race Day!”

    1. Thanks! I had a great time taking the pics — trying to capture the excitement, but without audio it’s impossible. . . Thanks for being there for me!

  1. You’re a brave woman ( who is no doubt deaf from the Grand Prix). Excellent shots!!! How about a early rise Saturday morning ( leaving Largo at 6 am ) for a Hot Air Balloon launch in Lakeland? ( Sun-n Fun Fly-In)- Laura R

    1. I could definitely shoot for that — leaving Largo at 6:00am? Eek, that means I’d have to leave here at 5:30. . . It would be an experience, huh? Okay, I’ll do it. . . Might need a wake-up call!

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