My First Week in My RV (i.e., Baby), Part II

So my first day in the RV I spent looking for somewhere to wash my salt-covered car — and somewhere for a cup of coffee, since I didn’t have a coffeemaker yet. Ah, Starbucks is in Florida, too – yay! So, fortified with caffeine and driving a clean car, I was raring to go. I started moving everything into the RV. That was quite a chore, since I wasn’t really familiar with my RV or how I wanted things to work, and I had a ton of stuff to stash (it’s amazing what a CRV will hold). The most logical way was to just start stashing things where it made sense to stash them. This worked for a while, but I noticed my storage filled up a lot faster than I thought it would. Needless to say, I ended up with things in strange places, and I’ll probably never be able to find anything.

I headed out again to the local grocery store (Publix, for those of you unfamiliar with Florida retail). Although I had a grocery list, it was overwhelming to shop when I had nothing yet. I didn’t want to forget anything important, so I ended up spending $250, and the only meat I bought was hotdogs! I’m going to try to eat better now, so I bought things like gluten-free English muffins, oat bread, hummus and guacamole (gonna try the gluten-free thing to see if I can get off the Prilosec), and fresh vegetables — all things that are more expensive than things that make you fat just looking at them. Most importantly, I now had a coffeemaker, coffee, filters, and half and half, so I was ready for my second day in my RV.

My second day was actually out of my RV, aside from some tidying and stashing (still not done with that). I met an old friend in St. Petersburg for some picture-taking — long overdue! We had a good time walking around talking and snapping, although both of us had new cameras and had no idea how to use them yet. The pictures were, consequently, just so-so, but we were learning. We walked around for 6 hours, stopping only to have lunch, and I was so tired all I wanted to do was get back to the RV and relax. Here are some pics from that shoot, for what they’re worth. . .

Looking Up
When it rains, it pours — remember?
The Rest of the Story
Dining at the Old Vinoy
St. Pete Waterfront
Kapok Tree — an oddity!

That night for dinner I decided to have a beef potpie (okay, so I didn’t get all good things), which required that I use my convection/microwave oven for the first time. With no manual to refer to, I winged it and set the oven for what the package called for (regular oven instructions). I was watching the potpie as it cooked and noticed it was burning in one spot, but still had more than 20 minutes to go! Finally, I pulled it out of the oven and was dismayed to find that it was completely dried up. The crust was so hard I couldn’t get the meat thermometer into it, and when I dug into it with my fork, there was no gravy left. It was incinerated, with just chunks of overcooked meat and some browned potatoes left! So I settled on the salad I had already fixed and threw in a banana for good measure. I didn’t need that potpie anyway. . .

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