My First Week in My RV (i.e., Baby), Part III

I had my first foray into Sarasota to the Big Lots store. It was a relatively simple route: all right turns, so I figured it would be easy to reverse that to get back to my site. Having not had a blanket when I arrived and having to run the furnace to keep warm, a blanket was my first major purchase. I also picked up some towels (I only brought one with me), a throw rug for the kitchen, and assorted other goodies. I think I’m the only person in the world who can spend $150 at Big Lots in one trip!

Then I headed back to the RV park — simple, right? Wrong. I missed my first turn, so I decided to continue on to the major road that runs along the coast. It was a nice scenic route, and I could pick up my second turn from there. That was my first left. Well. . . I drove for quite a while looking for the major intersection leading back to the RV park — my second left — but I missed that turn, too (I was also trying to find a Walgreens that was convenient to pull into and passed 3 of them). Finally, I saw a sign for Nokomis, which I knew was south of where I wanted to be. I had taken 2 left turns, but I wasn’t anywhere near the park, so I turned on my GPS to figure out where I was. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was actually almost 9 miles south of the park and had to get on the freeway to get back to it. Did I mention I’m geographically challenged as well as somewhat flaky? Thank heaven for GPS!

When I got back with the goods, I went through the bags and started putting things away. I was hungry by that time and decided to fix a bowl of cereal. So I got out the bowl and went toward the cupboard where the cereal was stored . . . and started putting the new cover on my sofa. It wasn’t easy to do, since the sofa is squished up against the walls and the back of the dinette — and it has mechanisms that enable it to pull out into a bed. After I fooled with that for a while, I remembered I was going to have a bowl of cereal. So I got the cereal and poured it into the bowl . . . but then I saw the laundry bag I had bought and got that out of the package and went to put my dirty clothes in it to get them off the floor in the bedroom. Then I had to figure out where to put the bag, so I hung it in the bathroom — kind of in the way of the toilet, but I figured I could move it when I needed to. I was also trying to figure out what to do with the remaining clothes in my bedroom floor (the clean ones). . . Oh! The cereal! By this time, I felt like I was starving and laughed at myself for being such a ditz. I finally ate the cereal and then continued puttering.

I didn’t have ADD when I was young, but I swear I’ve developed it since I’ve gotten older. I forgot to mention that when I got home from St. Petersburg, it was dark and I still had some things to get out of the car. In the process of getting things together to bring into the RV, I lost my keys! Obviously I had them when I drove home so they couldn’t have gone far, but suddenly they were nowhere to be found. I was really worried about my mental status at this point, looking everywhere for those keys (the car’s not that big!), so after looking for a while I decided to set the things I wanted to bring in next to the door of the RV and then go back to the car and look for the keys with less stuff in the way. I checked, obviously, the ignition, my purse, the floor of the car, the ground around the car — no keys. Finally, after about 10 minutes of looking, I checked in the back of the car, and there they were! It looked like I had tossed them back there when I was trying to get things out of the back. While I was relieved to be able to get into my house, the thought of impending dementia did cross my mind more than once . . .

And I still haven’t found that damned battery charger! I know it was here somewhere. . .

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