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My website is now complete, although it’s still not working right. So. . . to check it out, enter and you’ll get there. The most recent blog will be the first thing on the page (top left). I’d really like feedback, so feel free to comment on the layout, etc. I’m still in the process of moving my pictures up there; the gallery is a work in progress!

This week included a visit to the beach on Honeymoon Island, a fabulous meal (serious indulgence), more bike rides, and a visit from a friend from Ohio. But first, I want to say goodbye to my friends (snowbirds) who’ve gone back home. I attended the last ‘burger night’ with them, and nearly all of them are gone, or are leaving within the next few days. . . I’ll miss you all!

Burger Night
Burger Night Friends

The beach on Honeymoon Island, a state park, is accessible via the Dunedin Causeway, and it costs $8 per carload, or $4 if you’re the only one in the car. In addition to a beach (with 2 cafes and nice restrooms), there is a nature center and hiking trails, where you can see osprey in their nests and an eagle’s nest (which is blocked off from visitors – dang it!). I also saw my first armadillo there! Here’s a short video of my beach visit:

It was a beautiful day, and I got a little burnt after several hours in the sun despite my 30 SPF (missed a bit of virgin skin while applying!). I also had a seagull attack me while I was eating my lunch. I’m sitting there looking out at the gulf, and suddenly there’s a flapping of wings and I feel my sandwich being tugged on. Apparently, I was holding on pretty tightly because after the seagull had flown over my head, I still had my sandwich. After an initial hesitation to eat after a bird, I decided he might have gotten a piece but otherwise the sandwich was relatively unscathed. And to think I used to like seagulls! They’re actually the rats of the shorebird world, and while I enjoy watching them attack others’ food, I hate it when they try to take mine. . .

I went to eat with friends at a place called Ozona Blue, which is apparently where the rich and famous in the area go to eat (so I’m told). I thought I’d indulge myself since I’ve not been treating myself since I’ve been here (unless you count copious amounts of vodka), so I had surf and turf and it was fabulous! The restaurant atmosphere itself left a bit to be desired (very loud inside – horrible acoustics), and our server was not particularly attentive, but the food made up for it. I’d recommend it just for the food and location (right on the gulf). Here are a couple of pictures from that experience:

Ozona Blue
Me in front of the restaurant
View from the patio
Iced Fish
Iced fish — yum!

Unfortunately, I still don’t have any pictures from my bike rides, but I’m thinking about getting a GoPro just for that purpose. It’s just a matter of deciding which one will work for my purposes for the least amount of money. . . I’d welcome any feedback on that matter. I just want to be able to strap it to my helmet (once I get one) to record my bike rides so I don’t have to worry about retracing my steps later with my camera to get pictures.

And then I had a visit from my friend from Ohio – woo-hoo! She came down with her family to take a break, get some sun, and to take her granddaughter to Disney World. I had dinner with them one night (I had a splitting headache that night, so I wasn’t much company at all), and the next afternoon I picked up my friend to go to dinner and spend the night in my RV. We went to Molly Goodhead’s in Ozona for their burger night (I get these tips from the snowbirds, who know all the specials in the area), then came back and had a drink before turning in for the night. I had bought an inflatable mattress just for guests, and I got that out and then tried to find the pump to blow it up. . . It was dark outside by this time, so I plugged in the battery for my flashlight – dead. I remembered I had a flashlight in my emergency kit, so I got that out of the basement (what the outside storage is called), pulled out that flashlight – no batteries.

After looking around in the dark, and in most compartments in the RV, I couldn’t locate that damned pump! So my friend said she didn’t really mind sleeping with me in my bed (I wouldn’t subject anyone again to my jackknife sofa after another friend declined to stay over a second night after her experience with it). Needless to say, the next morning I was still looking for the pump, and found it the first place I looked. Hopefully I’ll remember where it is the next time I have a guest (actually, those who are coming down soon, please remind me that the pump is under the TV!). And if anyone knows how to put a space between paragraphs on WordPress, please let me know. I’ve tried at least 5 times now and can’t get it to work. . .

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    1. great!,,,the video didnt work on my computer fyi…I would also suggest you make ONE LAST blog on your blogger site telling everyone where to go (sounds funny haha),,,that way when folks go to your old blog site they will know where to go,,,,

      1. Thanks, and sorry about the video. I imbedded the player, so maybe next time I’ll try just using a link… Thanks for the advice abut posting to the old blog site to let people know about the new blog (this would be the readers who accidentally stumbled on the first blog site, I assume?).

    2. Okay, not sure where my reply to your post went, Lee… Anyway, it was really good to see you again, and I’m really looking forward to spending more time with you in July or August!

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