Retrospective on the Columbia River Gorge

Not much travel last weekend, unless you count our trip back to Sauvie Island and the Alberta Arts Festival. So I decided to do a retrospective, covering some trips to the Gorge.

My first view of the Columbia River Gorge was in March of 2010, and I was awed by it — particularly Multnomah Falls, which can be seen from the highway.

Multnomah Falls

The problem with Multnomah Falls is that because of their iconic status, stunning photographs abound, with many taken by professional photographers. In other words, it’s hard to top what’s already out there. I was unable to get the entirety of the falls into my photograph, so I started looking around for other angles.

Base of Multnomah Falls

Unfortunately, getting to the top of the falls involves a mile-long hike, almost straight uphill, with many stops along the way to catch one’s breath. In terms of exercise, the hike is phenomenal, but I wasn’t as impressed at that time with the view from the top of the falls as I was from the bottom.

The trees in Oregon are amazing, and I did get some shots of those along the way to the top. . .

Typically-moss-covered tree
At the top of Multnomah Falls

Since then, I’ve been back to Multnomah and discovered a new trail at the top (new to me, anyway) with some beautiful scenery — and a second waterfall! It pays to return to locations when the return results in new discoveries.

I have no idea of the name of these falls

There are numerous falls in the Gorge, and while none are as impressive as Multnomah, they all have their appeal. This is just one of the many others . . .

Triple Falls

Sometimes, though, it’s the stops along the way that result in the most appealing photographs.  . .

Tracks in the Columbia River Gorge

I’ve never been in the Gorge at sunset, but the mornings are beautiful! I’m actually becoming more fond of morning light, which is something of a problem considering my late nights and equally-late mornings. It’s on my to-do list to reset my body clock . . .

Morning in the Columbia River Gorge

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My next blog will be about the coast — and particularly its geology. Stay tuned!

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