The Saga Continues . . . (with pics!)

So I’m in my third week in the RV — and I’ve survived! I drove up Hwy 19 in my RV to my next reserved site, towing my CRV, through construction and very narrow, busy lanes of traffic. While I’m being more cautious in my driving these days because of the RV, I suspect I won’t completely give up my aggressive vs. defensive driving ways. At one point I started driving over potholes, with no one apparently willing to let me merge into the right lane. With a police car up ahead and the lane ending, I started moving over into the lane anyway, which resulted in someone beeping their horn. I wasn’t sure whether the person beeping was letting me know I was okay to merge, or I was on the verge of taking out their vehicle. At that point, I didn’t care. I merged with no mishaps and was past the worst of the construction. Dang! I can drive this thing!

I did have problems with the GPS on the way and ended up turning the wrong way on a major road because it told me to turn right when I really needed to go left — argh! Since I never have any idea where I am, I just blindly follow the GPS’s instructions, with sometimes interesting consequences. I realized the park was not where the GPS said it was, so I had to find a place to turn around — all 40′ of me — to go back the other direction. Once I got turned around, I found the RV park and pulled in to register. I had to boondock (camping with no hookups) that first night because my reservation didn’t start until the next day, so I parked in the storage area with the empty RVs, per the front office. Boondocking turned out to be no problem (just start up the generator to watch TV for a bit at night, and to make coffee in the morning). This is the life! Now I just need to get set up for solar power so I can run on battery power (the generator uses gas from the RV, and I need to get my expenses down).

I’ve had visitors! My friend from Tampa invited me to a flea market in Pinellas Park, so I met her and her sister and brother-in-law there — what fun! We had a great day, warm and sunny, and I found some things I just couldn’t live without. I’m now the proud owner of rubber sandals — much easier to take care of than leather! — and a tiny little bamboo plant. I’ve managed to keep the latter alive for over a week now, so I’m hopeful it’ll bring me good luck down the road. . . That flea market is one I’ll go back to (great food in the food court, too). Afterwards, my friend followed me back to my site in Palm Harbor as my first overnight RV guest.

We were thrilled to see fog roll in that night — great atmosphere for photography! So, we headed out to have some dinner, and took our cameras with us. Here’s where we ate (at my friend’s suggestion):

Molly Goodhead’s in Ozona
Lantern outside the restaurant

Good food, great atmosphere! We hung around to take pictures after dinner, then headed back to the RV. About that time (somewhere around 11pm), we decided to see what other pictures we might get in the fog, and started driving toward Clearwater Beach. We stopped at a marina — somewhere — and took pictures there for a while, then kept going toward Clearwater. The marina resulted in very few pictures I wanted to keep, but I liked this one:

Marina Beacon

After the marina, I got a shot of a tree that actually turned out okay. . .


I loved the fact that it was backlit and somewhat surreal looking. . . In Clearwater Beach, we took quite a few pictures, but since I was still learning my camera, I didn’t get many I cared to share. Here are a few, though. . .

Clearwater Beach in the dark and fog
The Green Light (marina view)
CB Pier 60 sign
That’s it for now! I’ll have to talk about my second guest in the next blog. Hope everyone is staying warm. . .

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  1. Enjoying your adventure right along with you! Love The Green Light Marina View would make a great cover to a Fl. mystery novel! Keep up the great Blog! ~Carole

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